SEMINAR “Contemporary Analysis and Partial Differential Equations” (24.02.2023)

SEMINAR “Contemporary Analysis and Partial Differential Equations” (24.02.2023)





Marina Chugunova

Claremont Graduate University

Mathematical Modeling of Pressure Regimes in Fontan Blood Flow Circulation

Friday, 24 February 2023 at 18:00

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Babies born with a single functioning heart ventricle instead of the usual two require a series of surgeries during the first few years of life to redirect their blood flow. The resulting circulation, in which systemic venous blood flows directly into the pulmonary arteries, bypassing the heart, is referred to as the Fontan circulation. We develop two mathematical lumped parameter models for blood pressure distribution in the Fontan blood flow circulation: an ODE based spatially homogeneous model and a PDE based spatially inhomogeneous model. Numerical simulations of the ODE model with physiologically consistent input parameters and cardiac cycle pressure-volume outputs reveal the existence of a critical value for pulmonary resistance above which the cardiac output dramatically decreases. Joint work with: M.G. Doyle, J.P. Keener, S.L. Roche and R.M. Taranets.

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